before proceeding MRI

  1. You or your physician should send related previous films to the MRI Center prior to the day of your exam.
  2. Provide additional information and answer any questions you have about MRI.
  3. Unless specified by your physician, there is no special diet or preparation necessary.
  4. Void before exam.
  5. Certain articles of clothing, such as metal zippers, rivets, wires, and belt buckles might degrate MRI images . You will need to change into an imaging gown which contains no metal.
  6. The MRI is a painless exam that will last 20-60 minutes, but some patients can find it uncomfortable to remain still during the examination. Please do not frightened when MRI is working ,take rest and relax.
  7. You will need to lie completely still during the examination to avoid blurring the picture.
  8. When you first lie on the bed of the imager, the technologist will position an imaging coil around the anatomy being imaged. The technologist will the move your body to position a specific piece of anatomy at a crossed light beam. This spot on your body will be advanced to the isocenter of the magnet before the scan begins. This process is called landmarking.
  9. You will hear knocking or thumping noises during the scan. Don’t be alarmed. These are normal noises. Because of the volume of these sounds, it is recommended that you wear ear protection. ( Listen to the following audio segment as an example of the sound generated by a magnetic resonance imager while an image is being acquired.)
  10. There is an intercom system in the scanner to keep you in constant contact with the technologist or you can ask for entourage to stay with if you scare to stay alone. The patient can speak on a microphone within the machine if there is any problem.

before proceeding MRI

  1. Because patients have to lie inside a large cylinder while the scans are being made some people get claustrophobic (get nervous in small spaces) during the test. Patients who are afraid this might happen should talk to the doctor beforehand, who may give them some medication to help them relax or allow their friend or relation sit near them.

  2. An undetected metal implant may be effected by the strong magnetic fields such as the patient who be operated or have heart pace maker, clips, intracranial aneurysm clips, Artificial Cardiac valve, a spinal cord stimulator, fake organ inside ear, cochlear implants, fake joint, prosthetic hip, orbital metallic foreign bodies, bullet, pins, screws, surgical staples or any metal plates in some part of body .

3.   You will be asked to remove anything that might degrate MRI images , including hairpins , removable dental work (dental fillings and bridgework are okay), hearing aid, watches, coins, keys, credit cards, jewellery or any other metal objects.

4.   MRI is generally avoided in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

5.   Please do not wear any make up because some cosmetics may create a problem for MRI image